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For Sale by Owner Package

Starting at $299

If you’re selling your home and are looking for “For Sale by Owner” support near Minneapolis, MN, we’re here to help. Our For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Package gets you listed on the local MLS and be noticed by thousands of potential buyers.

How to FSBO Your Home

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the most dynamic selling tool in place today to sell properties around the country. Every Realtor uses the MLS to show clients homes in your area. We are Real-estate brokers who know how to get FSBO listings on the local MLS and be seen by thousands of buyers. If you’re not on the MLS, many potential buyers won’t find your house! This is easily the best and fastest way to sell your property as for sale by owner. List home for sale by owner with us and get a professional listing in your local MLS with all the essentials that 6% agents provide, PLUS all the cost saving benefits of selling as a “For Sale by Owner” for a minimal flat fee.

As a result of the MLS Property Syndication, your listing will appear on literally hundreds of other websites that display MLS listings, including national sites such as,,,,, and hundreds of other popular sites, this is different than just listing the property on one platform such as Zillow or Craigslist.

FSBO MLS Listing Service Minneapolis, MN

By not listing your home on the MLS, you’ll be missing out on 90% of home buyers. Greater exposure means higher selling prices and faster selling times, and flat fee MLS listings give you the ability as a homeowner to sell your home faster and for a higher price than marketing a home any other way.

For Sale by Owner Package


  • Marketing Your Property for 6 Months on MLS
  • Upload Up to 24 Photos
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Free Unlimited Edits & Changes on MLS
  • Home is Listed on, Zillow, Trulia & Hundreds of Other Top National Websites
  • Buyer Phone and Email Leads Forwarded to You
  • Home Showing Electronic Services (Showing Requests, Feedback are Done Online)
  • Required State Disclosures Provided
  • Full Ad and Listing is Featured on
  • Cancel at Any Time, No Cancellation Fees
  • Broker Listing Support Throughout the Process

(2.5-3% selling agent commission if buyer is procured by agent.)

Additional Services Available (for Additional Fees):

12 Month MLS Listing

Your basic listing package is good for 6 months, you can extend it to 12 months for an additional fee.

Cost: $200.00

Color Brochures

Enhance your listing with 30 color brochures to use at your open house or the brochure box.

Cost: $50.00

Email Blast to Local REALTORS

This is one of the great marketing tools as we will email a digital brochure to thousands of local REALTORS in your market area.

Cost: $50.00

FSBO Marketing Package Sign ImageProfessional 6 Foot Broker Yard Sign Installed

Increase your property visibilities by installing the broker 6 foot yard sign with a brochure box (The broker sign is only has our company name & phone number). This is only good for Minneapolis/St.Paul metro area.

Cost: $120.00

Online Open House Directory

Make sure you bring the buyers awareness of your open house when touring the neighborhood.

Cost: $25.00

Monitor the Competition

This will allow you to be knowledgeable and up to date with your competitions in your neighborhood. You will receive an email directly from the MLS for any new or sold properties or any price changes in your market area.

Cost: $25.00

Market Analysis

The seller’s goal is to sell their property at a top dollar amount in the least amount of time, overpricing might lead to longer time in the market and you might create a negative impression of the property. You will receive a comparative market analysis by a licensed REALTOR with suggested listing price.

Cost: $50.00

Facilitate the Transaction (0.5% of offering price – Max of $2000 due at closing)

Most of FSBO sellers ask for help and consultation during the sale process, and some buyer’s agents feel more comfortable working the deal through a licensed agent, so for only 0.5% of sale price and at a max of $2,000 we can facilitate the transaction from the day you receive an offer to day of closing, we have a professional team that we work with to make sure that your transaction goes smoothly. (No charge if property didn’t sell).

Cost: Up to $2,000.00

Your Source for For Sale by Owner Services in the Minneapolis / St. Paul Area and throughout Minnesota

Real Estate Corners is committed to serving the real estate market in a number of ways. We are a prime Minneapolis flat fee listing company helping homeowners sell their Minneapolis homes by owner, saving them thousands of dollars in agent commissions. The Minneapolis real estate market has changed significantly in the past few years. More and more, homeowners have the power to take control of their real estate investment in their own hands to decide how they want to market and sell their property. Read on to find out more about how our “for sale by owner” services work and how we can assist you.

Not that long ago, it would have been very difficult to find “Minneapolis for sale by owner” homes, but in recent years, it has become much more popular to sell your home privately with using a limited service of a professional real estate agent. This is due to the rise of a new breed of home marketers who “sell” by providing you with the assistance you need to sell your home yourself — and charge you a comparatively low flat fee for their help.

In the Twin Cities area, one such company is Real Estate Corners, Inc. Their most minimal plan costs a few hundred dollars and basically gives you a simple listing on the local MLS for 6 months and provides you with the tools to sell your home privately, without the full services of a professional agent. Real Estate Corners, Inc. also has other higher-priced plans with more assistance — but all are flat-fee based.

If you are considering the selling home by owner option in the Minneapolis area — do you need the “hold-your-hand-all-the-way” services of a professional real estate agent — or could you sell it yourself? What are the benefits/drawbacks of using Minneapolis real estate for sale by an owner agent to sell your home?

The real estate profession has more than just a little interest in feeding the concept that “doing-it-yourself” would be a marketing and legal nightmare for the non-professional. And of course, there almost certainly are those who “can’t be bothered,” and who are willing to pay thousands of dollars for the privilege of having everything done for them! But if you can follow some simple instructions and don’t mind doing some things for yourself, a for sale by owner MLS flat fee service may be just perfect and save multiplied thousands of dollars that can benefit both you the seller, and the purchaser.

In addition to the monetary benefit – what about the simple satisfaction of having some control over the selling process — like being able to cancel your contract whenever you wish, hold an open house on your schedule? After all, it is your house into which you have put your own time, investment and emotion. Shouldn’t you reap the reward of selling it yourself?!

If you are looking for a company in Minneapolis, MN providing flat fee for sale by owner listings, Real Estate Corners, Inc. is for you. We’ll help get your property seen on, Zillow, Trulia and others through our package options.

For Sale by Owner Tips

If you’re ready to sell your home, then you need to know the steps that you should take. It is possible to sell your property without an actual Realtor which can save you a lot of money from the large commissions they tend to take. Most people don’t have a lot of experience with selling homes, and so this could cause some confusion for you but Real Estate Corners, Inc. can help you get started with your own Homes for Sale by Owner strategy. Let’s take a look at the process that you can take to get your home sold as soon as possible.

The first step is to prepare your home to be sold. This includes completing unfinished projects and making it look clean. People are going to want to come inside and look around, and you don’t want them to find any discrepancies that would make the house less desirable. If there are any quick and easy fixes for a house problem, do it before marketing your home.

You don’t have a Realtor telling you how much you should sell your home for or how to market it, so you’re going to have to figure this information out for yourself by doing your own research. For example, you can look for other homes on the market in your area that are comparable to yours. You can also see how they’re marketing their home in your area. If it’s in the Minneapolis area, you would want to find techniques to market in that location.

You don’t have a real estate agent to choose your price for you, and so you need to gather your information from your research and decide. The biggest mistake that sellers make is that they price their house too high. People want the best deal, so be competitive. Try to outmatch the other homes in your area when you market your home (We provide Market analysis report for a small fee).

Buyers want the best deal they can get when buying a home so be prepared to negotiate. Be fairly firm with your price and don’t let yourself get knocked down too much, and feel free to mention other offers. You won’t have a real estate agent to be the middle man for you so you’ll have to make sure you know how flexible you are going to be before meeting with a potential buyer. Afterwards, all you need to do is finalize the paperwork and verify that everything is in order on their end. Your research should show you what is needed for your area and situation (We can facilitate the transaction for a small fee).

List Your Home For Sale by Owner

For more information about how to FSBO your home near the Minneapolis, MN area, or to arrange a free consultation, call us today at 612.483.1230 or use our contact form. We are here seven days a week to answer your questions.

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