6 Reasons to sell your house by owner Using a Flat Fee Broker

Charging 6% commission has become an outdated business model; with today’s technology the process of selling home has become easier and most cost effective. Some real estate brokers realized that fact and now agree to offer their services for a flat rate fee instead of charging sellers a percentage of the selling price. whether sellers choose between the “for sale by owner” services or full services at a fixed flat fee, this type of agreement enables the seller to enjoy better exposure in the real estate market at a discounted rate, but is it worth it for home sellers to go this route?
We’ll give you six reasons why a flat-fee real estate broker might be the best way to get the most return on your home investment.

1) Saving Thousands of Dollars
In most cases there are two Brokers involved in a Real-estate transaction, one representing the seller (Listing Broker) and one representing the buyer (Selling Broker). The Listing Broker gets a commission, (somewhere around 5-6%) from the seller upon successful closing on the seller’s property, typically the listing Broker gives half of the commission to the selling Broker. By listing with a flat fee option for a minimal fee, you are eliminating the commission (2.5-3%) that listing Broker keeps, saving Thousands of dollars while you are benefitting from the wide exposure as a result of listing your property on the MLS.
With our Broker Reciprocity system in place your property will appear on literally hundreds of other public websites that display MLS listings such as realtor.com, which means a chance to get a potential buyer not represented by an agent and you pay NO commission, saving even thousands of dollars more (you can do the calculation). The challenge is to get your property listed within that database in which flat fee brokers will give you the access to it.

2) Marketing the property
Once the flat fee broker listed you property on the MLS, the listing will be seen on hundreds of real estate related websites, in addition, Brokers offer all the marketing material needed to sell your home fast, between listing on the MLS, installing a professional yard sign, color brochures, social media exposure, email blasts to agents in your market area, virtual tour, professional photos, staging and more.

3) Not tied to long term agreement
When you sign on with a full service traditional Real-estate agent, you agree to certain terms and conditions and you are locked into an agreement until your home sells, or you or your agent determine the relationship is no longer in your best interests. With a flat fee Broker, however, once you pay the fee, you are free to cancel whenever you want. This is an important feature as often sellers occasionally need to fire their agent for disagreements, lack of attention, lack of results or bad advice.

4) Pick & choose the services you need
When you hire a traditional Real-estate agent, he/she will charge you for a full comprehensive package services which some of the services included might not be necessary or has become an outdated business model to sell a home. With a flat-rate broker, however, you may be able to pick & choose the services on which you need assistance and which you believe you can tackle yourself. In this way, you are customizing the services to your needs and not paying for things you may not want.

5) More control
The flat fee services give property owners the opportunity to take control of the selling process and receive the same benefits as with a traditional listing. This option gives sellers the ability to reduce the overall expense of selling a home and use the saving as a negotiation power to get the house sold faster than similar homes in the area

6) Latest technology & exposure
Only agents and brokers have access to the one piece of technology most coveted by both buyers and sellers, which is the MLS. They also will use technology to pull market data and conduct home market analysis to help price your home. This is a critical service, and the flat fee Brokers offer the same access to many of the same technologies but at discounted rate.

Now are you ready to sell your home? Do you want to take control of your assets? Do you want to save Thousands of dollars selling your home? If your answers are yes, please visit our website at www.Realestatecorners.com to explore our For Sale By Owner package or our discounted Flat Fee Full Service. If you have any questions or you need to learn more, please give us a call at (612) 483-1230.

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Getting your house ready for listing?

Tips to increase your curb appeal

Increasing your curb appeal is one of the important tasks that you need to consider when you are preparing to list your house on the market, the first imprison counts as the last thing the buyer wants to see is a neglected property. You will be surprised by how much your house look with a few low cost DYI projects, and the following are some tips to help you out:

1. Check all exterior lighting and make sure that all bulbs work

It’s a good practice to turn on your exterior lights during showings when it gets darker and you want to make sure that all bulbs are working.

2. Add fresh paint to the shutters, trim, and front door

Taking care of those chipping and flaking paint and adding some colors will impress new buyers, a fresh paint job will make a difference and will increase your curb appeal

3. Fix any broken windows or screens

Broken windows or screens means that the house is poorly maintained please make sure to fix any broken once before showing the property.

4. Apply a fresh seal coat to your driveway

Asphalt surfaces are particularly susceptible to wear and tear, both from weather and from automobile traffic, check your driveway for any cracks, potholes or other signs of wear and prepare to apply fresh seal coat before showings.

5. Make sure to clean out your gutters

Cleaning gutters is a small task but it could distract buyers and add to their “to do list” so make sure your gutters are clear of any leaves so buyers can appreciate the house.

6. Make sure your door lock is in good working condition

I had few times where I had to struggle with the door lock to show the property to my clients and one of my clients ask me to leave stating that she doesn’t care about the property if the owner didn’t bother to take care of small thing like that.

7. Clean any built up dirt on siding & windows

Bring your home exterior back to live by removing all the built up dirt by using pressure washer that you can rent from a hardware store.

8. Add fresh paint to your deck and stage with outdoor furniture

Give your deck a new lock with some fresh paint and place some comfortable chairs and a table and let the buyers envision themselves relaxing with a drink on their deck.

9. Remove any tree debris, leaves or clutters

Nothing turns away buyers than a front yard full of trash and other clutter.  Make sure your lawn is clear of any misplaced debris. The goal is to show buyers your property is well-maintained and will not require immediate work after they move in.

10. Trim all trees & shrubs and plant new flowers

Trimming your growing trees & shrubs is like getting a haircut and planting flowers can easily brighten up your front yard and adds value to the curb appeal.

11. Mow and water the lawn

Healthy, green lawn is sure to capture buyers’ attention. Make sure you don’t neglect your lawn as you prepare the rest of the property!

Are you ready to sell your home? Do you want to take control of your assets? Do you want to save Thousands of dollars selling your home? If your answers are yes, please visit our website at www.Realestatecorners.com to explore our For Sale By Owner package or our discounted Flat Fee Full Service. If you have any questions or you need to learn more, please give us a call at (612) 483-1230.

For Sale By Owner Tip: Do Your Research

You don’t have a Realtor telling you how much you should sell your home for or how to market it, so you’re going to have to figure this information out for yourself by doing your own research. For example, you can look for other homes on the market in your area that are comparable to yours. You can also see how they’re marketing their home in your area. If it’s in the Minneapolis area, you would want to find techniques to market in that location.