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With flat fee real estate, you pay a flat fee instead of the typical 3% seller’s commission fee in order to have your home listed on the MLS. This home selling model is preferred by many home sellers. However, there are some myths about flat fee realty that need to be dispelled. At Real Estate Corners, Inc., we offer flat fee listings of homes in addition to other services to help you with marketing and selling your home. With the option of real estate for sale by owner Minneapolis, MN home sellers can benefit in various ways despite the myths about the process.

Let’s set the record straight about some of the myths here:

Myth 1: Buyers Agents Ignore Flat Fee Listings

This is simply not true. Even though the listing is a flat fee listing, the agent for the home buyer still receive a commission on the home sale. So the buyer’s agent has every inventive to pursue the property under a flat fee listing for their clients. In addition, buyer’s agent have an obligation to operate in a certain manner that would prohibit them from avoiding these properties.

Myth 2: You Will Receive Little Help Selling Your Home

This is not true with a reputable and experienced flat fee listing service. Although you may opt for a pure For Sale by Owner options that does not include any extra help, many flat fee realty companies offer an array of extra services in the form of a full service flat fee package or through purchasing certain individual services you want. You can choose the level of support you desire for selling your home, while still not having to pay the typical selling agent’s commission.

Myth 3: Flat Fee Real Estate Listing is the Same as FSBO

Both FSBO and flat fee real estate listing are ways to sell a home without the representation of a formal listing agent. However, that’s the only similarity between them. Flat fee sellers have access to multiple services that can make the selling process efficient and effective. FSBO sellers without adding other available services, do much or all of the work on their own, including marketing, price negotiations, and closing.

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